Intent to Register 2016 – Provincial level ringette

March 14, 2016

Dorchester Ringette is planning on hosting a U12 Provincial Petite team to complement our current U14A competitive program.   Dorchester Ringette is lucky enough to have strong numbers in our U12 age group and will have enough players to also host a Regional U12 team next season.

This web page has been put together for any parents interested in learning more about competitive ringette.

What is Provincial Ringette?

Provincial/A/AA levels of ringette are all considered to be the competitive level.   Players must try out for these teams in order to play.

Who Can Try Out for a Provincial Team?

Any ringette player is eligible to try out for a competitive team, in their age group or above.

Players from outside of Dorchester may also tryout for a Provincial team in our Association,  if their own Association is not hosting the same level of play or if that player does not make their own Association’s team.  There will be the possibility of seeing players from Tillsonburg, London, St. Mary’s and St. Thomas at tryouts.

Is There a Difference in Registration Costs between Regional and Provincial?

There is an increase in registration costs for those playing Provincial ringette.  The Dorchester Ringette Association Provincial registration fee for the 2016/2017 season is $575.  The increase in registration is to supplement the increase in cost for registering a competitive team with the League, increased referee fees/mileage, as well as to cover the cost of added ice times for the team.   Typically the Provincial teams will begin their game schedule a few weeks earlier than the Regional program, therefore they will be on the ice practicing before the Regional teams as well.

Families will also incur additional Team Fees, as set by the Coaching Staff to cover the increased tournament fees.  In the past, teams have also sourced out team specific sponsorships, that are not in conflict with Dorchester Ringette Association sponsorships,  to supplement these costs.

Team specific fundraising may also occur.  These fundraisers must be approved by the Association first and not infringe of fundraisers already planned.

Is There an Added Commitment to playing Provincial?

To play at a competitive level, many Coaches feel that scheduling additional ice times for Powerskating or booking gymnasiums to run dry-land training is an essential part of the Provincial program.  All players should assume that extra training will be scheduled throughout the season.

Will the Team Be Travelling All Over Ontario to Play For Regular League Games?

Similar to the Regional program, each Association must wait to see what other teams have registered in their age groups to determine where their team will travel throughout the season.   This past season, teams in this age group travelled to Waterloo, Forest, Guelph, Kitchener, London, St. Mary’s, Elora/Fergus and Tillsonburg.

Will the Tournaments Be Further Away than Regional Tournaments?

At the U12 age group, each team is required to provide a list of five tournaments the team would like to attend.  One of these tournaments must be outside of our Western Region.   The good news is that Southern Region is not geographical too far from our Region and would be considered “out of region”.  Southern Region includes Cambridge, Paris, Hamilton etc.   Tournament selection would be determined by the Coaching staff.

All U12 age groups qualify for the year end Provincial event, similar to Regionals held in London this coming spring.    This spring the U12 Provincial teams will be travelling to Ottawa, although last season the teams travelled to Oshawa.   For the 2016/2017 season, the U12 Provincial Host Association has not been announced yet.

Who Will Be the Coach for This U12 Provincial Team for the 2016/2017 Season?

As with all our teams, whether Regional/Provincial teams,  Dorchester Ringette requires all those interested in being a part of the team’s coaching staff, to submit a coaching application and provide proof of qualifications.   At the competitive level, additional qualifications are required as compared to Regional level of coaching.   Currently,  there has been an expression of interest from a few qualified Dorchester Coaches to run this U12 team.    At this time the Coaching Staff have not been appointed.

Can My Player Try Out for Another Team Outside of Dorchester?

There are specific rules in Ringette that dictate where and when a player is able to try out for another team, in another Association.   All Dorchester players that are interested in trying out for U12 Provincial Petite must attend tryouts in Dorchester.  If your player is not offered a position with this Dorchester team, then they are free to attend tryouts in the next closest Association offering U12 Provincial Petite.   Our next closest Association would be London.

*Please note – many Associations will have tryout dates running simultaneously.  If you are unsure if your player will make the Dorchester team, you may wish to consider attending tryouts at another Association at the same time to keep additional options for competitive play available.   Additional paperwork is required for trying out in another Association.  Please contact me if you would like additional clarification on this process*

When Are Tryouts Being Held?

Tryouts for all Associations hosting competitive teams will occur sometime near the end of May to middle of June.   These dates have not been set yet but will be posted on the WRRA website located under Association Announcements or on the calendar feed on the left side of the home page.    For automatic email updates on all tryouts being held we strongly recommend signing up for the WRRA Mailing List located on the right side of their home page.

Is There a Cost to Attend Tryouts?

Each Association does charge a fee for each tryout your player attends.   Dorchester Ringette will be charging $15/try out session to help cover the cost of the ice rentals.

Who Determines Who Makes the Team?

At the U12 Provincial Petite level, ORA (Ontario Ringette Association) dictates that a minimum of 80% of the team be made up of players from your Home Association.  This percentage decreases as the players move up in age level.  The goal of  all Associations is to select the best team possible to play at this competitive level.   Selection of players will be based on the best potential skill level seen from each player.

If players from out of our Association attend the Dorchester tryouts, there is a possibility that they could make the team, as long as the 80% minimum Home Association ratio has been met first.   This percentage does not mean that the team will not be 100% Dorchester players, but indicates that there is also the possibility of out of town players making this team, if they have the appropriate potential skill level.

Dorchester Ringette will bring in impartial Evaluators for each of the tryout sessions.   These Evaluators are typically from outside of our Association and do not know the players on the ice and all follow the same procedures for evaluating.  The Evaluators will then meet with the Coaching staff to share their evaluations and options.  The final formation of the team will ultimately be the decision of the Head Coach.



Intent –to- Tryout Form

ALL players considering trying out for any competitive team MUST complete the online Intent-to-Tryout Form (click on link below for specific information) no later than March 31, 2016.  Players will not be allowed to participate in any tryout session without having completed this form.   This form does not obligate your player to attend try-outs if they change their mind.  If you are unsure, it is better to fill out the form now and decide closer to the tryout date.  The Region keeps track of what players are trying out for each team to ensure players are playing in their proper designated area (when possible).  Your players ORA # is available from your Team Manager.

Additional Questions?

This entire process of an Association declaring a team and having your player fill out their intent to try out can seem confusing  so we encourage you to email DRA President Astrid Eastman with your specific questions or contact any of the parents that have been in the competitive world these past few seasons as well.