Bond Hour Position Descriptions – 2019/20

Bond hours will be tracked using an electronic signup form again this year.

The bond hour signup form will be available starting on Tuesday, September 24 at 7p.m.

Here are the available positions for this season:

Welcome BBQ (3 hour value) – Sept 28th
● Cook burgers and hotdogs on the BBQ
● Take orders, handle the money

Thanksgiving Parade (6 hour value) – October 12th 
● Decorate float day prior (location to be announced) according to theme
● Arrive at the ball diamond/arena parking lot early the day of parade to stay with kids on the
● Hand out candy and explain to the older kids U14/U16 how to hand out the candy ~ spread the
candy, only one ringette player gives candy to the same kid
● Monitor the amount of candy being handed out to ensure candy lasts to the end of the parade
● Hand out Bottle Drive flyers throughout parade
● Younger kids on the float ~ make sure they don’t stand or try to get off
● After parade wait with the kids until their parents pick them up
● Take down decorations
● Must have truck and bed (or have access to one) to use in parade
● Recruit additional parent volunteers to ride on the float and watch kids

Bottle Drive Leader – Must have truck – (6 hour value) – October 19th
● Visit Beer Store/LCBO to get boxes prior to day (knock-down boxes & flats) to help sort
● Sort cans and bottles at designated location
● Once vehicle is full, go back to destination and unload then return until your area is complete
● Help sort and count afterwards
● Help bring bottles/cans to the Beer Store

Bottle Drive Lead support (6 hour value) – October 19th 
● Assist bottle drive leader in sorting cans and bottles in designated location
● Assist in bringing bottles/cans to the Beer Store
● Visit Beer Store/ LCBO to get boxes prior to day (knock-down boxes & flats) to help sort

London/Dorchester Tournament (3 hour value) – November 8th and 9th
● Timekeeping, scorekeeping
● Other duties as assigned
● Multiple shifts throughout both days

Christmas Decor Fundraiser night – (6 hour value) – Date TBD
● Date of event is still TBA but last week of November, shift will likely be from 5-10pm
● Set up and take down of tables and materials
● Assist people as required

Dolphins 50/50 game: – (3 hour value) – October 9th and December 21st
● 6 adults required for each game
● 2 per table plus a floater collecting the cash every 1/2 hour
● Instructions for the night will be sent out to volunteers