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  • Saturday, October 15, 2016

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Bond Hour Signup

Bond hours will be tracked using an electronic signup form this year.  View all the available options for this season.

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New to ringette? Want to understand the game a bit better?

The DRA has posted a PDF that outlines all the hand signals that a referee uses when officiating a game.

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Help the DRA “fuel” its way to $5,000

Fueling Women Champions logo

The DRA’s application has been accepted and is being considered for this year’s round of the Champions Fund – sponsored by Canada’s Dairy Farmers. This grant is valued at $5,000. Please visit our profile and give a word of encouragement by sharing our profile on Facebook or Twitter.




A year full of fun with more great events…

The full list of events for 2016/17 are now posted.

Stay Up-to-Date in More Ways Than Ever Before

The DRA now has electronic calendar feeds for every team in the League. The DRA is also on Facebook.

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